Campus Logistics in Enterprise_2017

USE CASE SCLogic and OPEX Deliver Campus Logistics Management Organization Accountability is a hallmark of this revered and longstanding manufacturing giant located in the Southeast. The Shared Services Group division of the organization has provided financial and accounting services to North American operations since 2001. Specifically, these include accounts payable and receivable, payroll, vendor support, fulfillment, and print/mail operations, among other services vital to the administration of the Fortune 100 corporation. Locally, the three building campus is home to 1,100 local employees. Challenge A key tenant of the company’s print and mail operation are the layers of accountability built into its processes. Tracking all aspects of their daily activity provides insight into the efficiency of the overall operation and quality of services rendered. However, the mail operations staff relied on manual procedures, requiring multi-touch sorting and capture of inbound and outbound mail volumes, tracking numbers, and delivery signatures. These manual processes left little opportunity for research, reporting, and performance analytics. “As we evaluated our current level of support to the organization, we identified an area in need of improvement: the ability to track and report on both incoming packages and mail receipt through delivery as well as our outgoing mail services,” says the General Services Supervisor. With that realization, the organization began to search for ways to eliminate missorted, delayed, and misplaced mail and packages. “Our desire was to use technology to enhance the level of accountability and service.” Simple yet robust software that yielded results with a single scan Email notifications to improve carrier/employee responsibility Efficiency Accountability

Receiving Packages

Accountable items are received and scanned at are then sorted to their final destination using the I


Accountable items, Certified US at the dock. Accountable and at arrival. All items suitable for th distributed to the proper staging the OPEX Mail Matrix. Accounta while the standard white mail is

Delivering Packages & Fla Once packages are routed, they are placed o through the campus for delivery. Signatures are and undeliverable exceptions are tagged as su Similarly, once flats are sorted, the bins are sca through the campus for delivery. Accountable to an individual and a signature is captured. Bu using the batch ID to departmental mailboxes

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