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Solution The search began by looking at existing vendor relationships within the company’s network. “We wanted a holistic system that could provide chain of custody from the moment we received an item to the time it was delivered to the appropriate department, for both incoming and outgoing mail/parcels,” says the General Services Supervisor. “We were repeatedly told that the solution of hardware and software tools we envisioned didn’t exist. It just couldn’t be done…then we found SCLogic.” At the recommendation of the corporate office, the team contacted SCLogic, whose Business Process Management Group came on-site to examine the operation, better understand the current processes, and work together with the supervisor to bring his strategies for improvement to fruition. From the start, SCLogic was dedicated to helping the General Services team outline their plan to improve accountability in both the inbound and outbound mail centers and create an all encompassing solution. Results SCLogic’s Intra Enterprise® package tracking software presented a compelling centerpiece. By leveraging the expertise of other vendor relationships, an inclusive blend of hardware and software was combined to provide a solution that met the organization’s exact need. What tipped the scale was OPEX Corporation’s Mail Matrix® mail sorter. Not only could the Mail Matrix sort mail to their desired specifications in a single pass, but with the printer/labler, it could also apply a unique barcode to each piece. The OPEX Tracker™ software increased the visibility and accountability of all inbound mail, providing Intra Enterprise® with additional data on each sorted item. As a result, each incoming mail piece or package can be tracked from carrier delivery to final destination. No other vendor could provide an automated, all- encompassing solution that could scale to the needs of this major corporation. “It was quite literally a godsend; the Mail Matrix combined with Intra Enterprise was a solution that made sense.”

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Receiving Flats

S envelopes, and standard USPS mail are received ertified items are scanned into the Intra system OPEX Mail Matrix are loaded in batches and bin based on the addressee lookup performed by le and Certified items are left as individual pieces undled with a batch ID number for bulk delivery.


to carts/trucks and shuttled captured at the drop off point h in the Intra Enterprise system. ned and items are routed nd Certified mail are delivered k standard mail is delivered ithout a signature.

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