Campus Logistics in Enterprise_2017

Accountability and Efficiency Realized Not only did they achieve the efficiency they were hoping for, but they were also able to save money in the process. “We are now able to handle weekly tasks that took eight hours in about one hour.” Overall this has freed up approximately 5-6 hours of personnel time per day and increased the print and mail center’s capability to meet increasing volume without the need to hire an additional two employees. Furthermore, staff capacity has been freed to offer additional services to other departments including taking on new responsibilities for areas like distribution services. Since the installation, OPEX and SCLogic have continued to work together on innovative enhancements to the system. “We wanted a wrap sheet that contained a parent barcode that could track and identify all mail pieces sorted to a particular location. This would allow our staff to scan only the parent barcode to account for all the associated child mail items. The solution OPEX and SCLogic provided eliminated the need to scan every piece (which could exceed two tubs of mail!) and saved us significant time.” Site-Wide Impact Not long after implementation, the benefits to the whole organization became evident. Now, no matter where a piece of mail or a package is located within the system, each individual can see exactly where their item is: Received, Sorted, Out for Delivery, Picked Up, or Shipped. Their office receives fewer calls about where an item happens to be. On average, they are saving about 1.5 hours each day NOT handling calls about misplaced items or performing research on where that piece may be. SCLogic and OPEX continue to maintain their attentiveness and open lines of communication with each other as well as with the client. “It is not often that we see two separate organizations working as seamlessly as these two companies have for us,” noted the supervisor. “The visibility of their tracking process of accountable pieces is quite refreshing.”

“We are now able to handle weekly tasks that took eight hours and do them in one hour.” - General Services Supervisor

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