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Organization The Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology (IMET) is a research center that focuses on developing technology to foster the protection and restoration of coastal marine systems while discovering new ways of improving human health through sustainable methods. Based in the Columbus Center of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, IMET houses approximately 18 faculty members, 150 staff, and 42 research laboratories.

As a result of purchasing the Intra Enterprise package tracking software, IMET has successfully:

Faculty Members





decrease in lost or destroyed packages

Research Laboratories



Solution After researching a few third party software vendors, it became clear that SCLog- ic’s Intra Enterprise was the most capable of providing Mr. Moore with a solution that best suited his department’s needs. “What set SCLogic apart was how simple yet powerful the software was to use for both managers and employees,” he re- counted. The loading dock was able to address all of their requirements with one Intra Enter- prise workstation, one cordless scanner, one signature capture device, one bar- code printer, and SCLogics’s total Technical Support coverage, which includes 24/7 phone support, an online knowledge base, as well as email and live chat support. Results The overall software installation was made easy thanks to Mr. Moore and the SC- Logic Technical Support team. “At the beginning it was a little tricky, but Tech Support was always very fast and helpful, solving our problems in five to 10 minutes. Once everything was implemented, the software has worked very smoothly,” stat- ed Mr. Moore.

improved employee productivity


increased package and employee account- ability with automatic email notifications

proved since we started using Intra Enterprise. Each package gets n email, they pick it up, sign for it, and the process is complete.”

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