Intra Enterprise Brochure_2017

► Overview Intra Enterprise™ helps facilities plan, execute, and measure accountable item workflows. For example, Intra uses mobile computers and barcodes to monitor and control the flow of assets, workplace requests, tasks, workspaces, files, mail, parcels, or people — as they enter, move through, and/or exit a facility. Intra Enterprise manages a facility’s workflows by providing automated, consolidated, and efficient methods to: ► Implement advanced logic to streamline workflows ► Automate and manage workplace requests ► Create and display in-app analytics to measure utilization, productivity, SLAs, and compliance ► Close accountability gap - collect, store, search, and report on anything that moves ► Satisfy IT - complete role-based access, permissions, and security ► Integrate with key business applications in your enterprise stack via Intra’s RESTFUL API

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