Post COVID-19 Workflows eBook

Tools for Facility Managers as they return to work - in-building logistics platform

SCLogic’s Post-COVID Workflows eBook

Learn how SCLogic helps businesses and universities return to work in the COVID-19 era

Logistical Adjustments

Americans have experienced some of the most jarring months in modern history. The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted every aspect of our lives. The pandemic has not only damaged the nation’s economy but has also required businesses to change nearly every detail of their operations. Companies have done their best to reduce the number of human-to-human interactions happening within their facilities; most have chosen to vacate their offices completely and allow their staff to work from their homes. Businesses have made many changes to their entire workplace strategy, and logistics departments are no exception. Fortunately, SCLogic has the tools available to help organizations make these changes. Our Intra platform provides safe, alternative workflows to help organizations maintain social distancing and efficiency within their operations, whether they happen on-site or remotely. This eBook outlines the tools that are available to help your business maintain operations during three key stages of logistical transformation:

Stage 1- Business Continuity / Optimizing On-site Operations Stage 2- Digital Transformation / Keeping Workforce Connected Stage 3- Managing Re-Entry & A Safe Return to the Office

“Whether it’s furloughs or having everyone work remotely, all sites and all clients are being asked to do a lot more with a lot less.”- Brian Kingsbury, SCLogic



1 Business Continuity &

Optimizing On-Site Operations

To survive the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have had to adjust their on-site operations to comply with state and local mandates related to social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and more. Maintaining continuity with less staff on-site has proved challenging for many companies. Thankfully, SCLogic provides tools that can help in making a seamless transition. To optimize on-site business operations, users can utilize Intra to manage the quarantine package intake process, digital mail workflows, and notification management to ensure continuity of operations while keeping employees safe. The user experience is unified by a single launch screen, making adoption that much easier. Here are some more details for each workflow: Quarantine Intake Process Intra offers clients a quick way to flag items using multiple devices. Whether you’re working from your desktop or handheld devices, our platform gives you a way to stage these items. Your items can be flagged as being safe for pickup after 24-hours or can be identified as properly sanitized and ready for immediate pick-up. Digital Mail Workflow The digital mail workflow allows employees to continue to receive mail despite working remotely – in some cases, even faster than if they were in the office. When paper mail arrives at a mail center, a staff member takes a picture of the envelope on a mobile device and assigns it to a recipient. Intra automatically sends an email notification to the assigned recipient, containing a picture of the mail and a link to select their handling preference. The recipient uses the Client Services Portal to designate an action for the white mail – scan, pick-up, delivery, or recycle (other variables are available based on your process). The selected task is added to the Intra Fulfillment Screen for the mail center to complete.


“It is completely up to you what is relevant and needs to be seen. Everything is defined by your team. Nothing is mandatory.” - Brian Kingsbury, SCLogic

Advanced Notification Management Advanced Notification Management is critical to keeping your team connected. Intra allows you to fully customize notification messages. You can also send notifications in batches, set and delay reminders, and modify an email distribution for specific reminders.


2 Digital Transformation & Keeping the Workforce Connected Phase Dealing with a disconnected workforce has proven to be difficult over the past few months. The remote workforce model, while a proven and effective strategy, is new terrain for many companies. However, making a successful transition to a digital workforce is not only critical for this time but will continue to be moving forward. Here are some tools to help your workforce stay connected and informed while they work. Client Services Portal (CSP) Intra’s Client Services Portal is your access point for facility information and workforce engagement. The CSP will allow you to: ► Provide employees with complete item and service records with search capabilities ► Utilize the service request hub, which allows you to eliminate paper and automatically receive and manage service requests all in one portal (i.e. print jobs, copy requests, task requests, workspace reservations, interoffice request, auxiliary services) ► Have a web-based application with universal access on-the-go ► Customize user experience and provide your users with the information they need about your services with buttons to internal/external links, service request forms, alerts, and search


Asset Logistics Extending in-building logistics to the home empowers a remote workforce to function with the same level of efficiency and oversight as they would if employees were on-site. Using the Intra platform, facility managers can track and manage all incoming and outgoing assets. Using the Intra CSP, users can: ► Quickly Request an Asset - remote users can request assets (i.e. desk, lab book, laptop) through an intuitive online portal ► View Their Assets - asset history is stored so you know who, what, when, and where assets are at any given point ► Access Information in One Place - all asset touch-points are stored in the database ► View Real-Time Utilization - generate reports based on when assets expire, need service, need to be sanitized, or need to be disposed ► Forecast for the Future - analyze and recommend purchase and allocation of assets based on workspace reports generated in the Intra platform


Phase 3

Managing Re-Entry & A Safe Return to the Workplace

As we enter the final phase of our COVID mitigation strategy, it is important to know that this step is possibly the most critical one. Here are safety measures to enact when re-opening your workplace. Engage in Touch-Free Delivery ► 24-Hour Package Quarantine - hold packages in a secured area for 24-hours. Send an email notification/text when the package is safe to be received ► Maintain Social Distance - protect your staff by minimizing human-to-human contact ► Avoid Waiting in Line - receive an email/text containing the location and passcode/barcode when your package is ready for pick-up

Intelligent Lockers ► Repurpose Intelligent Lockers - use intelligent lockers for tech recycle, desk hoteling, and print/copy drop-off and delivery to minimize human-to-human contact ► 24/7 Package Access - locker banks accommodate all employee schedules ► Locker Vendor Agnostic - Intra can integrate with any locker vendor via API

Touch-Free Kiosk ► Card Swipe at Kiosk - confirm recipient via card swipe ► Apple Pay - collect payment directly at the kiosk via Apple Pay


Choose Your Workspace Management Workflow

Standard Flexible Workspace Management ► Make Your Users Self-Sufficient - online portal gives users the ability to request temporary workspaces via a request form (i.e. desk space, meeting facilities, conference rooms) ► Oversee Workspace Requests - from workspace type down to the specific seat, view all incoming requests and make assignments based on social distancing guidelines ► Workspaces Are Equipped & Ready to Use - real-time workspace audits allow you to set up and sanitize the workspace in between requesters ► QR Code Scan - customer uses images on their phone to scan QR code and update their location ID

► Space Management - easily plan, schedule, and complete desk moves with an interactive floorplan ► Track Where People Sit in Real-Time (Neighborhoods & Hoteling) - Intra imports employee location records from OfficeSpace to deliver packages & complete service requests throughout the building(s) ► Desk Scheduling - coordinate a rotating schedule of desk assignments and cleaning to ensure social distance and sanitation Advanced Flexible Workspace Management


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