SCLogic University Move-In & Move-Out eBook

This eBook contains tools provided by SCLogic’s campus logistics software, Intra EDU, that helps any campus facility navigate move-in and move-out both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

University Move-In & Move-Out eBook

This eBook contains tools provided by SCLogic’s campus logistics software, Intra EDU, that helps any campus facility navigate move-in and move-out both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campus Mailroom Logistics Problems

Problem 1: Increased Package Volume

During campus move in and move out, package volume increases exponentially with students sending packages to their dorm prior to move-in, and shipping dorm items home as they move out. Packages can be easily misplaced without an adequate tracking and storage system.

Problem 2: Contactless Delivery Options

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many universities must find contactless delivery options for packages. With lack of space, resources, and time, this can be difficult for universities to handle at peak times.

Problem 3: Campus Reopening Initiatives

Many campuses have altered their re-opening policies to adjust for capacity levels and social distancing. Package pick-up and move-in/out may be spread across campus, requiring an organized system for package tracking.

Tips & Integrations for Campus Move-In/Out

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Tip 1: Improve Asset Logistics to Help Monitor Capacity

Be sure to alter package pick-up and drop-off protocol for move-in and move-out. Allocate specific pallets and dollies for dorm buildings to simplify move-in and minimize contact. Streamline the request process during move-in and move-out to expedite the process of asset delivery (pallets, dollies, furniture, etc).

Tip 2: Engage in Touch-Free Delivery to Minimize Contact

Utilize Intra’s campus logistics integrations such as smart lockers and kiosks to engage in touch-free delivery during move-in. Consider adjusting your mailroom strategy to place packages shipped prior to move-in in a specific location (i.e., dorm, floor, or building lobby) to minimize or avoid human-to-human contact.

Tip 3: Improve Visitor Tracking Protocol for Detailed Reports

Move-in and move-out not only includes monitoring students, but their parents and loved ones as well. Ensuring you have detailed insights into visitors on campus during this time promotes campus safety. Avoid long lines and heavy foot traffic by setting up email and text notifications when students can begin the move-in/out process.

Intra EDU SCLogic’s Intra platform helps universities design, execute, and measure asset and service workflows. From tracking and receiving logistics to IT support service requests, Intra is configurable to target your campuses’ unique accountability pain-points. With over a quarter-century of experience, our focus on innovative campus logistics informs every aspect of our platform.

SCLogic’s Post-COVID Campus Solutions 1 ONE Central Recieving Operations Workgroup

Maintain complete visibility of chain-of-custody throughout your campus as you select specific areas for student package pick-up.

Automatically notify students through email or text notifications with specific instructions to monitor capacity limits.


Student & Faculty Mail Services Workgroup

With constant changes surrounding campus move-in and move-out during COVID-19, ensuring that all student and faculty mail is accounted for correctly is vital. Automatically forward packages to those who have graduated or are not currently on campus, provide students and faculty with a digital mailbox to monitor their packages, and improve reporting for peak times to facilitate budget increases for your mailroom.



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SCLogic’s Post-COVID Campus Solutions


Campus Services Workgroup

Maintaining visitor visibility during move-in and move-out is crucial for monitoring capacity limits. It also aids in contact tracing should an issue arise in the future. Easily track visitors as they enter campus buildings, maintain a digital entry log, and enter workplace requests for additional furniture, catering, and more for peak move-in times.


Asset Logistics Workgroup

With hybrid learning becoming the normal for many universities, maintaining oversight of assets has become a necessity. From faculty members using university-owned laptops to departments taking up excessive storage space, you need an innovative solution. Our Asset Logistics Workgroup streamlines asset additions, rentals, check-out, transfers, and disposal, giving you complete oversight into asset location to maximize mailroom space.

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