Your Guide to Healthcare Facilities Management




LOGISTICS ISSUES WITH MEDICAL SUPPLIES Within the healthcare system, the transfer of medical supplies can be a complex task. Without an asset tracking system, managing PPE supplies, technology, and hospital gear is almost impossible. With new variants of the coronavirus arising and decreased hospital staff, your team can not afford to lose additional supplies. SUPPLY MANAGEMENT THROUGH INTRA Our Asset Tracking Workflow for healthcare facilities provides detailed tracking and contact history for all your assets. Create signature requirements and customized fields to ensure chain-of- custody management, and organize your assets within a large-scale facility. SOLUTION

LACK OF TRACKING FOR INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE In certain geographical areas, hospitals may be outdated. However, this doesn't mean that they shouldn't have access to modern solutions to benefit their local community in need. Without an asset tracking system, monitoring transfers of items such as blood transfusions, organs, and vaccines is a challenging task.


DETAILED COURIER TRACKING For assets in the emergency healthcare field such as vaccines, lab samples, blood transfusions, and organs, there is no room for error. By using asset and courier tracking through Intra, you can set detailed alerand instructions for package handlers, as well as handling requirements to identify any discrepancies that may occur during the delivery period.

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